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Saturday, February 26, 2011

FMRAI passes resolution against DCGI's recent decision to ban 4 drugs


Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai
Saturday, February 26, 2011, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

The Federation of Medical and Sales Representatives Associations of India (FMRAI) has passed a resolution against Drugs Control General of India’s recent decision to ban certain drugs produced and marketed in the country. The Federation passed the resolution in this regard in its general council meeting that held in Kota in Rajasthan last week.

According to FMRAI, the DCGI is deliberately creating ground for MNCs to capture markets for certain segments of drugs which have been in use and in circulation for several years in India.

Recently, the Union health ministry has banned four drugs based on the recommendations by 
Drugs Technical Advisory Board. The unsafe drugs are nimesulide, cisapride, phenylpropanolamine (PPA) and placentrex. FMRAI office-bearers said these drugs have been banned by the ministry without making a proper scientific study on each of the drug.
While quoting placentrex as an example, the office-bearers said it has been manufactured and marketed in India by the Kolkota based company Albert David for more than fifty years. The medicine was available in the form of lotion, gel, and injection and being actively promoted as a remedy for a variety of unrelated disorders such as vitiligo, wound dressing, prevention of adverse effects due to radiotherapy, fallopian tube blockage, female infertility, scarring, post-phlebitic ulcers, scars due to acne, etc. For conducting surgery, orthopaedic treatments and in gynaecology also this medicine was being used widely.
One medical representative of Albert David said he is marketing this medicine in Tamil Nadu for several years and so far no doctor has suspected its safety  and no adverse effect has been reported. He said the company, which has a turnover of 70-80 crores, has got more than 350 medical representatives and it employs about 750 people in various capacities. The ban of placentrex will make these employees and representatives jobless, he believes.
The resolution of FMRAI says comprehensive and scientific studies should be conducted to ban the use of any drug. It alleges that the present ban on four drugs is because of pressure from vested interests which will adversely affects the nation’s economy and the pharma industry.

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Dhiman said...

Research findings on indigenous human placental extract which is available at pubmed( very rational, based on extremely scientific foundation. Efficacy of the drug is unquestionable and it has been accepted by the global scientific community through several high rated international and National scientific journals. Banning of such a successful Indian formulation is a shame for the country itself. Through the research on this placental extract our country has been glorified several times. Without knowing the actual fact, banning the drug is a shameful as per my opinion.

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