Human Placental Extract and its Formulations is back in India vide the Gazette Notification No. G.S.R 418(E) dated May 30, 2011 - the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare...... USE OF PLACENTREX CONTINUES!
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Placenta extract promote liver regeneration in CCl4-injured liver rat model

And here’s what I’ve come across one latest study on Human Placental Extract from South Korea. It is amusing to see that when such studies on Human Placental Extract is going on in countries like South Korea and Japan, there’s a drive going on in India to ban human placental extract and its formulation as USFDA has objection to it. It would be interesting to know What’s the stand of Govt. of countries like Japan and South Korea on the usage of Human Placental Extract. Any way here’s the synopsis of the study conducted in South Korea, due to copyright Issue I will be forwarding the link for all of you to visit the site where it has been published.

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The human placenta is an organ for fetus development and abundant reservoir of various bioactive molecules. Interest to human placenta extract (hPE) is growing, and application with trial of hPE is widening in oriental medicine including in liver diseases. However, underlying mechanisms for therapeutic effects are still unclear. Here, we investigated therapeutic effects of hPE in carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)-injured rat liver model in vivo and in damaged rat hepatic cells exposed to CCl4 in vitro. In addition, regulation of inflammatory responses by treatment of hPE was investigated. Serum levels of GOT/AST and GPT/ALT were significantly reduced (P < 0.05), and uptake/excretion of indocyanine green in serum was significantly induced at 3 weeks after intravenous hPE administration in CCl4-injured rat model (P < 0.05). 

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