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Saturday, July 23, 2011

PLACENTA ENCAPSULATION - Placenta Pill Makers Turn Afterbirth Into Nutritional Supplement For New Moms

Swapan Das, Calcutta
Our HPE blog is not into placenta encapsulation, but we thought to share this news with our readers as they should be aware of such things, and this news is from USA the country which is considered to be very strict with issues related to bio-products, human tissues. Globally, Placenta encapsulation is so far confined at the most to a cottage industry state.

Lisa Fortin, of Brooklyn, N.Y., USA makes pills from placentas for new mothers to get over the baby blues. There aren't clinical trials to back up Fortin and her fellow placenta encapsulation specialists, as they like to be called. But the capsules have their roots in Chinese medicine and the animal kingdom where most mammals, except camels and sea mammals, eat their placenta after giving birth.

The following article & image is courtesy of: HUFFPOST WEIRD NEWS

Lisa Fortin is one of the rare people who makes a living by cooking, but never actually tastes what's in her pot. That's because Fortin, the founder of Placenta Healing Arts in Brooklyn, is part of a small, but growing profession that cooks placentas for new moms and makes them into pills that allegedly stave off postpartum depression, provide an energy boost and enhance milk production.

Sounds weird, bizarre and disgusting? Then watch the video & read the full story HERE

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