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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Melagenina Plus for the treatment of Vitiligo - A HPE Therapy from Cuba

By Swapan Das, Calcutta
What is Vitiligo?
Vitiligo of the hand in a dark-skinned individual
Vitiligo (vit-ill-EYE-go) is a disorder in which white patches of skin appear on different parts of the body. This happens because the cells that make pigment (color) in the skin are destroyed. These cells are called melanocytes (ma-LAN-o-sites). Vitiligo can also affect the mucous membranes (such as the tissue inside the mouth and nose) and the eye. The global prevalence of vitiligo is 1 to 2 per cent including among the white skin communities. However, epidemiologically higher cases are recorded in India and Mexico. The most common form is non-segmental vitiligo.

There had been several studies on HPE therapy to cure or control the Vitiligo. But it needs further evaluation of the efficacy of HPE therapy, which may offer a cost-effective way of improving the treatment of vitiligo. 

Melagenina Plus is manufactured in Centro de Histoterapia, Havana, Cuba. Melagenina Plus ( Melagenina + Calcium Chloride ) is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, a pharmacological product that has the property to increase the reproduction of melanocytes in the borders or inside the acronic areas of the sick persons, as well as to acelerate the process of production of melanin, that is why it has become a popular therapy for Vitiligo. According to the Cuban doctor Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao and his team placental alcohol extracts with calcium added can be very effective and innocuous for the vitiligo treatment. HPE Blog recently shared this team's study with the readers (HPE for the treatment of Vitiligo - A study from Cuba.). 
Melagenina Plus is a topical lotion for external application. The product claims to have no side effects and is easy to apply. There are reports which claims International clinical trials have reported 84-per cent success rate with no incidence of relapse. It has been pronounced safe for use by even sensitive groups such as children, pregnant and lactating women and geriatric patients. The drug needs to be used in the stable vitiligo type and not in the active stage. It is said that in all, over 13,000 patients from 123 countries have been treated by Melagenina Plus in the initial 15 years of its launch in Cuba.

Important Message For Vitiligo Patients & Followers:  
  • Vitiligo is difficult to treat. To be honest at the time of writing this article for this blog, strictly speaking there is no 100% cure for vitiligo. The product featured here or other treatments may reduce the symptoms but as of now its still not 100% curable.
  • Melagenina Plus is not legal for use in the USA. Its being a Human Placental Extract product, USFDA doesn't approves it.
  • Please do not treat this article as the recommendation/prescription for the vitiligo treatment. Please consult your doctor (you may pass this information of HPE treatment in case he/she is not aware of it).
  • Visit Vitiligo Support International which is a patient driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization offering a comprehensive resource of vitiligo education, research and awareness for those whose lives have been affected by vitiligo.
  • There had been several studies on Human Placenta Extract therapy to cure or control the Vitiligo, a few references could be found in our Research Articles category. Perhaps it needs more evaluation of the scientific research which is going on this domain with respect to the Vitiligo therapy.
  • If HPE therapy has helped you in fighting against Vitiligo then we want to hear your story so that we can share here.
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Anonymous said...

It's too bad that the US has so isolated Cuba with its embargo that folks who would benefit from this product cannot order it easily from them. This exchange would benefit us all.

Anonymous said...

how does a person like me who lives in Africa Uganda access this medicine.

SD said...

You may check the official website links provided in the article, and try to contact them regarding this. Our this site is not into trading.

Anonymous said...

I have managed to buy it for a friend of mine via a friend in cuba, she went to a clinic and bought it, she told the doctor that she needed it for a friend who lived overseas, she then flew over to Qatar where she was coming to spend a holiday and I managed to get hold of four bottles from her. I have started treating my friend with it two weeks ago now but I still do not see a result. I was also told by my cuban friend that many people were trying to sell her fake bottles of it outside the official clinic.

Anonymous said...

im 49 years old,i have vitiligo,hands,elbows,starting on my feet,i have this medicine,it says not to expose to sun.thats why i havent put it waiting for winter,since i go to the beach quiet often,it was a gift,i was told it doesnt cure it but it controls that true?

Anonymous said...

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SD said...

@Anonymous please refer to all the links provided in the section "Important Message For Vitiligo Patients & Followers"

Thanks for the feedback.....

Anonymous said...

Donde puedo conseguir el producto??

Mukundastore said...

original melagenina is here


Vitiligo USA said...

i am buying melagenina at this web site and it is really work for me i can see the results

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dixan fernando said...

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Mohan Singh said...

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Nikita Agarwal said...

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